Books. Commissions. Green? All. 

This is you.

You think you are uniquely yourself but a part of you is in this book.

Maybe the phlegm you spit on the ground was absorbed into the earth where a tree that made this paper was grown.

Or maybe your far off ancestor’s
remains were in the soil used by one of these trees that made this paper.

 Or maybe your trash was sent far away to land fill where the peel o fthe banana you had for breakfast decomposed and was taken down the hill by ground water and used in an ink making facility. In the way that we contains stardust  we are also the book, the
chair, the house, the earth. We may be as unique as
a snowake but our borders are
just as permeable as one too. We are formed by nature and we melt back into nature. We hav been doing this since the beginning of our unrecorded history and to claim that humans and our human things like books have no place in nature is simply not opening our eyes to nature’s
malleability that allowed for creations like this.